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policy & procedures 

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  My policies and procedures are put in place to ensure that every client receives one on one time with me, without long waits or rushed jobs.  My goal is to deliver the best service possible to every client on every service, and I can only do this with your help, by you following all the policies and procedures. Thanks in advance. 

Please read thoroughly through the following BEFORE booking to ensure that you fully understand my policies and procedures and to ensure that I am the stylist for you. After reading the policies and procedures click the BOOK ONLINE tab to book your appointment. Please be aware that the Policies and Procedures can change at any time so make sure to always check here before booking.


***Note:  When booking ensure your correct email address is added.  Updates, promotions, specials, changes, or information about salon will be sent out via email or Instagram****


  • I do not take children under 6 years of age.

  • I do not do boys/men hair.

  • Children between 6-10 Yrs old will book under "KID STYLES".

  • Parents are not allowed in the room during child’s appointment.

  • Your child must be able to sit and get their hair done without you or anyone else in the room from start to finish.

  • Children who cannot sit with out guardian and are super tender headed will be refused no matter the age.

  • Parents can sit outside the room and watch or feel free to wait in break room where you will have access to a TV and vending machines.

  • If you leave, please return at least 15 minutes before appointment end time.  (Length of the appointment is given when you book.)

  • Parents please have kids leave phones, ipads, and tablets home.  I have a TV in the salon so there is no need for any other devices.  Kids get distracted with their devices and will not lift head when needed to.

  • Please try not to load your child up with drinks before their appointment.  Having to stop multiple times to allow your baby to go to the rest room can take a lot of time and we do not want to fall behind on the appointment.  If stopping multiple time cause me to get behind you will be charged extra.

  • Also arrive 5 or 10 minutes before your appointment to allow your child potty time. 

(Parents I want every childs experience in the salon to be an awesome experience and I can only do that with your help.  I have been doing children hair for a while and most kids do better without the parent in the room.  The child and the stylist is more at ease without the parent hovering over us.)


  • Upon arrival, please wait in waiting area if there is someone else in the chair.

  • No FOOD allowed in Salon, drinks are allowed.

  • Please no children/ babies at your appointment

  • No extra people allowed in the room unless getting services.

  • Be sure to gather all belongings before leaving. (I will not store or be responsible for items left and not picked up before closing.)

  • Please be aware of your language while in the salon i.e., foul language/ cursing I dont like it and its not necessary.

  • This is a christian based establishment.  If that bother you I am not the stylist for you.

  • Because of my beliefs their are certain shows or music I choose not to listen to or watch.

  • I do not service men or boys if you book your appointment will be canceled and deposit refunded. 





  • -Hair length is based on the length of hair blown straight. (Above Ear= short (short & thick), Shoulder/below ear =medium (medium & thick),  Below Shoulders/Above Arm Pit=long (long&thick), Past Arm Pit/Above waist=XL long (XL & thick)and so on)

  • If your hair is short, medium, long, xl but extremely thick you will need to select the length and thick. 

  • I do not accept men clients.

  • -All prices are starting prices, final price will be determined at the end of your appointment. 

  • Prices vary based off style, hair density, length,  and condition of the hair upon arrival (meaning if hair is matted or extremely tangled).  (Please do not text/ call me for and estimated cost you will need to book a consultation for that and again it will still be an est amount.)

  • -I do not do all braids, cornrows with weave, feed-in braids (please read description of each service or call or text to verify)

  • I do not do vixen crochet or straight hair crochet

  • -I do not take down individual braids with weave nor do I take down cornrows, crochet, or sew-ins etc. not done by me.

  • -If you make a change the day of your appointment or upon arrival to a less costly service or a service that do not take as long you will still be charged the full amount of the original service. (If you know 72hrs in advance you will need to text or call me to make those changes)

  • There will be up to a 50% deposit require for most services.  If it does not charge you the deposit that service does not require one.  No need to text or call me.

  • -Deposits are nonrefundable.  They can however be transferred to your first rescheduled appointment only (once), if you cannot make that second appointment you will lose your deposit and you will have to start the booking process over with paying a new deposit. 

  • -If you cancel vs reschedule your appointment, cancel less than 72 hours before your appointment (for any reason), or no call no show you will lose your deposit.  So please take your time when booking and be sure that you can make your appointment date and time before booking.

  • All deposits paid will be subtracted from the total cost of service so you will pay the remaining balance at the end of your service. (As stated above your end total is base off style, hair density, length, and condition of hair.  The system automatically shows the remaining balance after the deposit is paid unless something is added last minute or if appt is booked incorrectly.)

  • -Appointments made 1-3 hours before appointment or between the hours of 12am-8am may not be seen so you need to check with me first before booking or call to be sure Ive seen the appt.  

  • -I do not respond to business related calls/text after hours or on my off days.  During business hours I will respond to text as soon as I have a free moment.  Refer to this page for most questions you may have.  Yes its long but it has a lot of info.  Please only call or text if your question can not be answered here.  Its a lot to juggle clients, text, and calls all at one time. 

  • My hours and off days are listed on Home Page and below along with the address to the salon.

  • -Before arrival/ entering the room hair need to be free of ALL braids, twist, bobby pins, rubber bands, etc. unless you have booked a take down. 

  • If you have questions that you want answered in a timely manner please do not email me, IG message me, FB message me or message me from the booking site.  I do not check those often so its better to text or call,  my number is all over the site.

  •  -If extra hair is needed for braid down (with crochet/sew-in) it will be extra so you will need to add that from drop down when booking.  You will also need to bring your extra hair.

  • For clients transitioning or who have heat damage on ends will be charged extra to perm rod ends.  This service can also be added from drop down.

  • -I do not use outside products.  I only use products I have in the salon. (Unless you have a perscribed medicated shampoo/conditioner)

  • -Product lines I use cater to natural hair but can be used on relaxed hair as well. Product names are: Silk Out Products, Mediceuticals, BASiC Hair Care System, Wella/ Pravana (color), Moroccan Oil Line, Joico, Design Essential and some Aunt Jackie products to name a few.

  • I do not provide hair for any extension/braid service/crochet services.  You must bring your own hair.

  • If you do not bring enough hair and must leave to go get more hair, $35 will be added to your total end cost.  So when in doubt it is better to have more then enough.

  • For the best results with SewIns, Crochet, or Braids it is important to alway use the best quality hair and wash the hair beforehand.

  • New Clients must book a consultation before booking.

  • -Before booking a color service you must book a consultation prior to. After your consultation we will set an appointment for your color.


  • A new ADD-ON that has been added is the dandruff treatment.  This treatment can be added to any service or separately.  If you battle with any scalp issues such as (severe dandruff, psoriasis, dry scalp or seborrheic dermatitis, etc.)  you must add this treatment.  Note that you will be charged whether you add it or not if I must treat the scalp.

  • Scalp Detox

  • Taming treatment


  • -If there is a problem with your hair that you notice once you leave the salon you will need to notify me 24-48 hours after your service. (Braids/crochet no more than a week after depending on the issue) At that time we will schedule a date for you to come in to correct your hair. Calls made after the deadline will be charged for any corrections.​


All card payments will be charged a 4.75% convenience fee. (This does not apply to deposits made when booking.). Card payments are done through Squareup app only, no other apps will be used (ex: Cash app, Venmo, PayPal,). Other forms of payments are cash and Zelle.

Be aware that all services that require a card on file will be charged $1 to that card unless your paying a deposit, this is done to make sure the card on file is valid.


  •  Appointments need to be cancelled or rescheduled at least 72 hours in advance, any time after that you will be subjected to forfeiting your deposit.

  •  Deposits are nonrefundable/ nontransferable (to other services).

  • If you have paid a deposit for a service but want to change the service please text me to do so before canceling because if you cancel your deposit will be loss. (But this must be done 72hrs in advance)

  • Deposit can be transferred to the first rescheduled appointment only if you are rescheduling the same appointment. (And that appointment must be rescheduled 30days after or that will result in loss of deposit) If you cancel your appt vs reschedule YOU WILL lose your deposit and will have to put down another deposit when rebooking so please take your time when booking or canceling your appointment.

  • Two or more last minute appointment cancellations/ reschedules within 72 hours will result in full payment paid for ALL services and ALL future appointments.

  • No Call/ No Show clients will be blocked from booking online and will lose deposit.

  • There will be a loss of deposit for all appointments not canceled/rescheduled 72 hrs. in advance.

  • I understand that last minute emergencies can occur but I have also had a lot of clients abuse this, so it will be up to my discretion whether or not your deposit will be forfeited or transfered to rescheduled appointment.  (Kids, Covid, Job adding last minute meetings, ect will not be valid reasons for me because they have been abused and used too frequently). 

  • Deposits are final for appointments booked within 72hrs.​​

  • I am big on time and because I expect my clients to be on time, I hold myself accountable as well.  So, if for any reason you must wait more than 30 minutes, your service will be discounted $35 to accommodate for your wait.  If for any reason I have to cancel your appointment I will discount you.  (I can proudly say in the 15 year Ive been in business I can count on one hand how many times Ive been late or had to cancel because I value my clients and their time).

  • So you are late 11-15 mins after your appt will be charged a $35 late fee.  Any time after 15mins your appointment will be canceled and you will lose your deposit, or you will be charged an additional ($35-$60) because it will cause me to be late for every client after you, causing me to have to discount the next clients. If I do not have anyone after you, you will still be charged an additional $35 for my time. You do have a 10 minute grace period but I dont suggest using it.

  • If you do not book properly you will be charged the late fee ($35) if it cause me to go over on time.


Recurring Appt Code- After 3 consistent recurring biweekly appts you can receive 15% off your appts and 25% off your weekly appts. To set up recurring appointments enter code (BW15 for biweekly or W25 for weekly). You must enter code to receive discount. If code is not entered discount will not be given. After 2 broken recurring appointments client will no longer receive discount.

(Note: Codes only work on selected services.)


Finalization of booking means you have read, agreed, acknowledged, and understood all my policy and procedures and so I will NOT negotiate, debate, or argue about anything on this page that you fail to thoroughly read.​​


Monday/ Sunday:  Closed 

Tuesday: 10-9 PM

Wednesday: 10-9 PM

Thursday: 9-9 PM

Friday: 9-6 PM

Saturday: 8-4 PM (closed every 2nd Saturday)

(806) 790-5339 (Text only)

Salon Address:

4485 Trinity Mills Rd

Building Ste 200

located inside Salon Boutique Suite 6

Dallas, Tx 75287





  1. Will the amount of the deposit be subtracted from the balance?  Yes.

  2. Do you provide the hair for extensions, braids, or crochet?  No.  You must bring in your own hair.

  3. Do I have to do a consult?  Yes it is required.

  4. Can I do a consult and appointment on the same day?  Yes but only a flat iron or two strand twist.

  5. Why do I have to call first before I book same day appointment?  Because I may not see that appointment for whatever reason and you would have booked and paid your deposit for nothing and deposits are none refundable.

  6. Is the price shown the actual price?  Yes. What ever it show is correct but again as stated above that is the starting price not final.

  7. What length is my hair?  Check above.

  8. Do I need a steam treatment?  Steam treatments can be done once a month to help deeper condition low porosity hair. Helps with hair growth, ect.

  9. Do I need to book a trim?  If you have not gotten a trim in 3 or more months, have knots on the ends, see alot of short hairs on the floor when combing or detangling then Yes you need a trim.

  10. Why cant I be in the room with my child? I am not comfortable leaving my child with a stranger.  One because from my experience the parent make the child and stylist first experience difficult. I understand that is your baby but when you are constantly asking the child if they are ok, do it hurt, ect then the child internalize that as maybe it should or maybe i should not be ok. So they will then start crying, reaching for parent, want to leave, ect.  I have also experienced parents getting on to the child about whatever so that makes them cry or have an attitude. So to solve that I prefer the parent to wait outside.  Two I wouldnt suggest taking your child to anyone you do not trust.

Thanks again for choosing Naturally Pristine & Pretty Salon and making this an easy booking experience.