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About Salon

Naturally Pristine & Pretty Salon Suite is Located inside Salon Boutique.  Salon Boutique is a building with multiple mini suites occupied by different independent stylist.  

  For me the beauty of having a suite for me is the private salon setting.  Growing up I hated going to a salon for so many reasons.  One there was  multiple stylist with multiple clients waiting to get in which meant you would spend half your day in the salon.  My time was valuable and so I did not like being in the salon ALL day.  I also felt like because there was so many clients booked at the same time the stylist would do a rush job on my hair so they could quickly get to the next client.  There was no privacy so if you had hair problems or suffered from any type of hair loss everyone in the shop knew about your problems and that was a problem for me.


At my salon I offer a private setting.  When you book you are the only person in the room while getting serviced so that you have that one on one time with me. There are instances where a client has to dry under the dryer and that time runs into the next appointment but that is very rare.  I do not over book clients ​so you will not be waiting long periods of time for your appointment. 


I offer a variety of services to my clients including hair steaming treatments, scalp detox, dandruff treatments, ect.  I will suggest services and styles that I feel will help your hair grow but I will not force a style on anyone, every client is unique so I like for each client to express themselves in their own unique way. 


Here at Naturally Pristine & Pretty I try to make sure I use the best products on my clients and give suggestions for products to use at home.   

About Stylist
Sherika Shunté

Hello my name is Sherika and I am the owner of Naturally Pristine & Pretty Salon Suite.   I am a licensed hair stylist and I specialize first in Healthy Hair Care and Styles. I also have experience with Natural Hair, Natural Hair Styles, Braiding, Extensions, Cutting and Coloring.  I have had a love for hair since I was a little girl and that love continue to grow with each client I meet.  My main focus is growing the hair you have and keeping it on your head by using the best products and techniques for your hair.   When your hair is healthy you can rock any style and that gives you the confidence to tackle anything in this life.   So I would love to be that stylist for you, so hit that "BOOK ONLINE"  button and book your appointment today.  



" -Let the BEAUTY of what you love be what you do! "

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